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70602 Jay’s Elemental Dragon


Ever since last year’s 70734 Master Wu Dragon set, I’ve been rather enamored with Ninjago’s dragons. In the last couple of years the dragon sets have been great and from the look of the box, this new dragon for Jay is no exception. Continue reading 70602 Jay’s Elemental Dragon

Daily Internet 1/21/15


M10 Fury

I’m loving the use of gears on this little mecha by Marco Marozzi!

Geflugelter Panzer

ska2d2 has built another great diespunk flyer.

F-06 SkyRazor

The brick-built striping and all those engine details! A great fighter by Sylon-tw.


zi zy is the master of these little mecha, constantly innovative and surprising. I love the tracked heels!

Digueta IWM Type D68 Mark II_D173

What a great crab-like mecha here by Benjamin Cheh Creations.

Schwarze Feuer

Lu Sim really knocked it out of the park with this menacing black mecha. The translucent flourescent orange highlights really work!


I mean, just look at those awesome swords!