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Daily Internet 2/12/17


Reskat Rover (01)

This retro build by F@bz is one of my favorites from Febrovery so far. I especially like the repeated visual elements.

Audace and Lupo

The Backward One has a lovely attention to detail on these naval renders.


This fighter by Buck has a ethereal quality that is nicely complemented by the white.

Daily Internet 12/13/15


ASH 1.1

Omar Gonzalez maintains a consistent style and quality with this latest mecha.

Blacktron Shrike Interceptor

Normally, I don’t have much interest in starfighters, but these BlackTron models by Carter just hit the spot.

Firostein Vanguard (First Ward)

I am always impressed by Micah Berkoff‘s characters and his expressive use of constration and system.

MICROFLEET-Maintenance Barge

ska2d2 just keeps rocking these microscale ships, capturing a balance of scale and detail.