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Daily Internet 3/26/16


LEGO Blitzcrank

I can’t say that I know anything about League of Legends, but I love this build by Eric Tsal.

EARTH FORCE Project 88

Florence and her machine

Divine Thunderstrike

Rod Gillies is really cranking out some fantastic models for the current Iron Builder competion!

MRL - Ende

Omar Gonzalez is creating some cool models for his Mecha Racing League.

land lover

This one might be digital, but I’m digging the model and the stylized render by Erik.

Daily Internet 1/24/15



Spac13‘s Vulture is a lovely, boxy monster that I’m definitely feeling.

Lord of White Harbor - complete

Dasnewton has given a detailed breakdown for building your own version of this intricate ship.

Space Invader

Another of pascal‘s understated builds. I really like the use of anti-studs here.


Who doesn’t love themselves a little space wild west action? Built by Shannon Sproule.