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Steampunk Trophies

A couple of months back I volunteered to coordinate the Steampunk theme at Bricks Cascade 2017. Mostly it is an organizational position, helping make sure that everyone has a place for their models and that the displays look good for the public. On the attendee side of things, I’ll be responsible for judging models and awarding trophies. That also means that I had to build trophies to give away. Continue reading Steampunk Trophies

Daily Internet 4/30/15



zi zy is in fine form with this pair or tiny mecha. I particularly like the lime.

Home Delivery

I’m quite happy to see that Galaktek is continuing his FutureCity series.

Backhoe dredger

I’m planning to build a river module for micropolis, so this little river dredger by Shannon Sproule.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

A lovely, understated steampunk build by LegoGallifrey.

BFVA 2015 Micropolis Prep: day 3

Lastly a very clean micropolis module by John Stephens.