Monthly Archives: February 2015

Daily Internet 2/18/15

I’ve been failing at doing this daily, but here goes…


Coyote Hot Rod

_zenn has really put some love into this little hot rod.

Freighters in the Coalition

These amazingly detailed microscale ships might not be buildable, but can certainly appreciate Awesome O’saurus‘ work.

Bonsai Tree

Pascal is in fine form with this handsome little bonsai. It’s got me rethinking brick built foliage.


This sleek ship by SweStar is what ships are all about.


I might have missed the Jack Stone era, but I can certainly appreciate this walker by nobu_tary.

My Micro dark red ranch style home.

I think some liberties have been taken with regards to scale, but David Costa‘s micropolis builds never fail to impress.

Daily Internet 2/10/15


Chardiso (updated)

Ghengis Don has been building a series of really cool future vehicles lately and this space truck is no exception!


This one is a couple years old, but I’m having a bit of a strandbeest obsession right now.


This little guy is full of clever part usage. Based on a Cardcaptor Sakura character by Moko.


I really enjoy it when builders play with scale, like in this enlarged slope by nobu_tary.

Somewhere in Sweden during the 70s

This super realistic scene is a great example of low key style by LegoJalex.