Patreon Update: DnD Map Tilesets Coming Soon!

I’ve been really excited about the Dungeons & Dragons maps that I’ve been designing and building lately. I’ve posted a series of concept maps on Instagram with the #mapvember tag and people seem to really like them. Starting in December, I’ll be making the tilesets available for Patreon followers!

As I’ve been designing my #mapvember maps, I have also been creating and refining a series of modular tilesets. My approach has been to treat them like film sets, keeping them simple and modular, but with the flexibility to represent any number of settings depending on how they are dressed.

There have been requests, but I’ll be releasing a new tileset every month to Patrons on my $5 tier. They’ll be available as Studio 2 files, which will make it easy to design your own layouts and export the bill of materials. Occasionally I’ll add full instructions for modules that need them.

And not to neglect my $10 patrons, they’ll get an article discussing how to use and customize each tileset.

Check out the maps that I’ve created so far!

Consider supporting me on Patreon (if you don’t already), so that I can continue to create cool content like this.

Keep building and enjoy!