I’ve ramping up my LEGO® hustle lately. A few weeks ago, I added free, downloadable instructions to my blog. Last week I opened a store where I sell kits and original artworks. This week I launch my Patreon!

If you aren’t familiar, Patreon is a service where artists and other creators can raise money through subscriptions. Patrons (as the subscribers are called) can join various tiers and receive a variety of rewards. In the last couple of years it has become a popular way for creators to stabilize their income.

My Patreon is set up in three tiers.

The Acquaintance tier is just $1 a month. Patrons at that level will receive occasional teaser posts, but mostly they’ll just be throwing me a buck every month.

Friends on the other hand, contribute $5 per month, and receive custom instructions for a new model at least once a month. To start, those models will be Dungeons & Dragons themed brickheads! In addition they’ll get posts about what I’m working on and possibly some of my blog content before the general public.

The highest tier (for now) is Friends with Benefits. These special someones will pledge $10 a month. In addition to everything the lower tiers get, there will also be technique articles to go with every set of instructions and an opportunity through polls and feedback to influence the kind of models that I’m designing.

What will I be doing with this windfall you might ask? I’ll be using it to develop more content and progress toward my goal of becoming a full-time LEGO artist. Since I don’t have a massive social media following (yet), I don’t suspect that I’ll be raking in a ton of cash, but I’ll be transparent about how much I’m earning.

As far as the content that I’ll be developing for my Patrons, I’ll be focusing on material that I can repackage down the road as either books or custom sets. A lot of that will depend on how successful the campaign is and the kind of feedback I get from my Patrons.

Thanks for reading. If you’re so inclined, click the link below to check out my Patreon!

Become a Patron!

Keep building and enjoy!