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40124 Winter Fun


I’ve really enjoyed this year’s slate of seasonal sets. There have been some that felt a bit lack luster (I’m looking at you Halloween!), but this one just looks like it was phoned in. Maybe LEGO really wanted to have an even six seasonal sets, but this one isn’t even tied to a holiday! Continue reading 40124 Winter Fun

40121 Painting Easter Eggs

40121_boxI’m a little bit in love with the 8×8 vignettes that Lego is putting out for this year’s seasonal sets. I saw a picture of the Easter set in the back of the instructions for the Valentine’s Day set and I had to have it. Sadly every visit to the Lego Store came up empty. They were selling out as fast as they arrived. I finally decided to buy online from shop.lego.com, but they were sold out too. I must admit that I had given up until I walked into the store last week to find a whole shelf of them. I bought four without hesitation. Continue reading 40121 Painting Easter Eggs

40120 Valentine’s Day Dinner


This year’s seasonal sets are a nice departure from the cute animals sets that Lego produced last year. Each set is an 8×8 vignette with a pair of minifigures in an appropriate setting. Kicking off the line is this interestingly mature Valentine’s Day Dinner.

Continue reading 40120 Valentine’s Day Dinner

40091 Thanksgiving Turkey


My latest seasonal set purchase is this cute little turkey. I’ve enjoyed the bat that I built for Halloween, so I picked up this handsome gobbler a couple of weeks ago. Our family tradition tends toward a meatless Thanksgiving feast of side dishes, so this turkey might make an adorable centerpiece. Continue reading 40091 Thanksgiving Turkey