Bricks Cascade 2017

Two weeks ago, I attended my fourth Bricks Cascade. I was really excited going in, with 29 models registered and my first year as a volunteer theme coordinator. We were going to have a huge hall, twice the size of the largest hall we’d had in the past. It felt like a lot was riding on making this a great convention. Continue reading Bricks Cascade 2017

Daily Internet 2/21/17



Mitsuru Nikaido is so good at biomechanical forms like this robot t-rex.


Gamabomb‘s industrial style works just as well in monochrome with this chunky mech.

WTF Rover

As Febrovery winds down, yet another goofy neo-classic rover from billyburg.


I’m loving this speeder bike by Adam Dodge, especially with the mouse pilot.

Introducing, V3 MRL racing frames!

Omar Gonzalez has updated some of his gorgeous racing mecha to use the new battlesuit cockpit.