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Bricks Cascade 2017

Two weeks ago, I attended my fourth Bricks Cascade. I was really excited going in, with 29 models registered and my first year as a volunteer theme coordinator. We were going to have a huge hall, twice the size of the largest hall we’d had in the past. It felt like a lot was riding on making this a great convention. Continue reading Bricks Cascade 2017

Rose City Comic Con 2015


This last weekend PortLUG had a booth at our local Rose City Comic Con. We’d never put on a display at a comic convention before so it was all new territory for us. What made it even more interesting is that we were invited to present a panel on building Lego. I threw my hat in that ring and signed up for the madness. Continue reading Rose City Comic Con 2015

Bricks Cascade 2014


This past weekend I attended my first Lego convention: Bricks Cascade 2014. I’ve never been very interested in conventions, but I decided to attend because this is a local show that is closely affiliated with PortLUG (of which I am a member). I registered early and spent time building a MOC to display. Then I got a bit nervous.

Continue reading Bricks Cascade 2014