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Coronae Softworks

A while back, New Elementary put out a call for participants in one of their Festivals of Parts. They are one of my favorite LEGO blogs and a solid influence on the way that I write about my hobby, so I jumped at the opportunity. I wasn’t alone in wanting to test my skills, so it was lovely to be chosen to receive a bag of Nexogons. Continue reading Coronae Softworks

Alpha Team

Alpha Team

I’ve been busy building for the last couple weeks. Bricks Cascade is right around the corner, and I had a number of models partially built that I have been finishing up. Amidst that, I was really wanting to build some new mecha to display. I recently purchased Lu Sim‘s Mech Wars, a primer for building LEGO mechs so I decided to give his reFrames a try. Continue reading Alpha Team


Good progress so far. The hull is mostly blocked out and I’ve started adding details. I built most of the weapon systems today (I figured out how to mount the missile pods after I took the picture).

I might do a bit of rebuilding tomorrow. There is a row of grills along the bottom of the domes and I’d like the plates behind them to be black instead of various shades of gray.