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Coronae Softworks

A while back, New Elementary put out a call for participants in one of their Festivals of Parts. They are one of my favorite LEGO blogs and a solid influence on the way that I write about my hobby, so I jumped at the opportunity. I wasn’t alone in wanting to test my skills, so it was lovely to be chosen to receive a bag of Nexogons. Continue reading Coronae Softworks

Daily Internet 3/26/17



Check out the sculpting on this rooster by ZiO Chao!

Green Lounge

I’ve been really enjoying this latest round of Iron Builder. This beautiful model by Jonas Kramm uses the seed part in so many amazing ways.

Gomora with Tokyo Tower

It has been cool to watch builders riff off of the Brickheadz. TOKYO TAG TEAM built this cool tribute to classic kaiju.


This chibi jet fighter by Damien Labrousse is really clean.


I love a well built tree and Brother Steven has really outdone himself with this bonsai.