Monthly Archives: March 2016

70602 Jay’s Elemental Dragon


Ever since last year’s 70734 Master Wu Dragon set, I’ve been rather enamored with Ninjago’s dragons. In the last couple of years the dragon sets have been great and from the look of the box, this new dragon for Jay is no exception. Continue reading 70602 Jay’s Elemental Dragon

70605 Misfortune’s Keep


The Ninjago theme has always been a bit hit or miss for me. I’m of the wrong age demographic to be enticed by the generic ninja fantasy, but the constantly changing sub themes have allowed LEGO to release some creative lines. The current wave of sky-pirate sets hits just right with the junker/dieselpunk aesthetic. The flagship set is a kind of flying pirate aircraft carrier and I just couldn’t resist. Continue reading 70605 Misfortune’s Keep