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75903 Haunted Lighthouse


I have to say that I was a surprised when LEGO acquired the Scooby-Doo license earlier this year. Once the set images broke, they seemed hit and miss. I figured that the minifigs would be the big selling point and resigned myself to picking up a copy of the Mystery Machine at some point. Then my lovely wife brought me home a copy of the Haunted Lighthouse. Continue reading 75903 Haunted Lighthouse

Into the Micropolis Standard

DSCN0651Hopefully, I’ve wetted your appetite for designing little buildings. Before we begin, we have to talk about the rules. As AFOLs, we tend to sideline the instructions. If we build to them, it is often just to plunder them for techniques. Since the heart of Micropolis is the standard, there are rules that we have to follow in order to play well with other builders.

Continue reading Into the Micropolis Standard