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Daily Internet 7/31/15


Lego Samurai Mecha

Check out the lines and colors on this lovely samurai mecha by Andrea Chiapella.

Kebab shop

Moko makes simple look so good! This would be a welcome addition to any modular layout.

ARMT-H07LA Waltz

I might be a bit of a fanboy, but Lu Sim has been turning out beautiful mecha lately.

Gumo and his Yamaha BBL speederbike

This little ape-man on little flying machine by F@bz, put a smile on my face.

Isles of Aura Teaser

A teaser shot by Tim Schwalfenberg is salivating.

Internet Lately (7/20/15)

I haven’t been keeping up lately, but here’s some great finds!


nobu_tary knocks it out of the park with this lovely octopus man.

Futuristic car

This slick little build by Magma guy just works.

Deathwalker IV (V2)

This MaK-esque mech built by David Steeves is just screams.

Micro Taiidan Scout

This mini Homeworld fighter by Jacob Unterreiner is just 31 pieces of perfection.

AL-VZ02MAH Vzir' Ran

Lu Sim never fails to impress with the mecha. Models like this make me want to get building.