Monthly Archives: October 2014

Posted Trees


I’ve posted a number of articles now on building little trees (happy, studly, and slopey) and they have all been built around a core of travis bricks. Though I haven’t even begun to exhaust the possible permutations and hybrid techniques available, I decided to try something completely different. This time I’ll be building trees using elements pierced by different lengths of bar. Continue reading Posted Trees

The LEGO Neighborhood Book


Lately, I’ve been spending a bit more time around train and town AFOLs and it has had me thinking about straying into minifig scale buildings. I saw some lovely models last month at BrickCon, that inspired me even further. I don’t own any of the ‘modular’ buildings that Lego has released, so the idea of building one of my own is a bit daunting. Lucky for me, The LEGO Neighborhood Book is the perfect introduction.

Continue reading The LEGO Neighborhood Book